Douglas 2015Douglas is originally from the farm adjacent to the Veterinary clinic, and was named after the farm’s owner. This young teenager of a cat showed up in our yard in the summer of 2006 after being run off by his litter mates, and seemed to decide that it was home for him. When it started to turn cold that fall, Dr. Van Esch told Douglas that if he could get along with our clinic cat, Thomas, then he was welcome to stay on with us. The boys got along famously, and the rest is history! Douglas is a kind and sweet boy but a most deadly and efficient mouser. He has a hunting prowess that we are highly proud of! He has cleared a perimeter around this building, and keeps it free of mice, gophers, and even pocket gophers (those things are huge, and he has caught and killed at least 3 of them over the years). He keeps himself in excellent shape, and is all muscle and twisted steel. His hobbies include: loud, long meowing, being absent at closing time and then showing up as you are about to drive away, lying on his sunbeam hammock bed in the front window, getting orange hair on every chair, requesting extra meals, and occasionally vomiting up the “remains” of the day.

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