Covid-19 Protocols

Due to the small size of our team and our need to protect both our staff and our clients from the risk of Covid-19, we have been providing “Curbside” service since March, 2020.  We have clients that come from both near and far, are from all ages and walks of life, and may have pre-existing conditions that could put them at higher risk from Covid-19 than the general population.  Most of our staff have children that are attending in-person public schooling, as well as having extended family that are elderly and/or have pre-existing medical conditions.  We do not want our staff to be exposed to Covid at work and then take it home with them.  Curbside service has enabled us to manage our client/patient flow and stay open during these uncertain times to continue to provide essential veterinary services for your animals and provide a safe workplace for our staff.  We miss our face to face interactions with our clients so much, but also want you to feel secure that receiving veterinary care from us is safe for you.  All of our staff wear surgical masks throughout the day because we are unable to physically distance from each other at all times while working.  If and when a staff member feels unwell, they stay home from work and are tested for Covid before returning.  Unfortunately, with so many of us being parents, we have been experiencing some days where one of our children may have questionable symptoms and their staff member/parent must then stay home with them and take them for testing, and/or to supervise them while they are home from school.  This has understandably been putting a strain on our day to day operations because of our small staff size.  We apologize if we may occasionally have to reschedule your pets appointment or procedure due to a shortage of staff members, but be assured that we will not compromise patient care, or the care of our staff members and their children in these situations.  We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience, and just want all of our clients, staff and all of your/their families to remain safe and healthy while still providing the best possible care for your animals.  We look so forward to getting through this pandemic and getting back to some semblance of normalcy.


Pet Food Ordering/Pick up, and Medication Refills:

To order/pick up pet food, products, or medication refills:  Please call at least 2 days in advance so these items can be ordered and we can arrange for a pick up time that would ensure that you are not waiting in the parking lot for long.


Arriving for Your Appointment:

When you arrive for your appointment, please wait in your car and phone us at 403-637-3928.  Our wonderful support staff will check you in over the phone, take down your cell phone number, and walk you through what to expect for your visit.  Please be patient with us, as these protocols may involve longer wait times and more telephone communication than you may normally be used to here.  We are making every effort to ensure that the quality of our patient care does not suffer during this time.

For small animal appointments:

Once checked in, we will then transfer you to our veterinarian who will speak with you about the reason for your visit and the symptoms your animal is showing.  Then, our staff will come outside to collect your pet and bring it inside while you wait in your car.  Please stay in the parking lot while you wait (unless directed otherwise) and keep your cell phone turned on so we can easily communicate with you.  If your phone rings and it says “private number”, please answer, as it may be one of our staff calling you from their private phones to free up our normal business phone lines!

The veterinarian will perform the examination/procedure(s) authorized by you, and then communicate with you by phone about their findings or any further tests or treatments that may be recommended.  Your verbal permission/consent will be required prior to performing any procedures on your pet.

Once your appointment is complete, our staff will call you to arrange for payment.  This can be done over the phone with your credit card, we can bring out our debit machine for you to use from your car (credit card or debit), or you may put a mask on and come inside the office to pay in person (debit, credit or cash).  Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk.  You may also e-transfer us at from your car.  Your pet will be delivered back to you at this time if we haven’t already done so!

We have found that the animals have adapted very well to this protocol, but we know that it can be stressful for the “humans” waiting outside!  Rest assured that we treat every animal we see with the same care, gentleness, and concern as we would if they were our own, and as if you were right there watching us.  If you have any questions or need further explanation of any charges or procedures that were recommended or performed, please don’t hesitate to ask.


For large animal appointments:

Once checked in, depending on what species of large animal you have with you, we will direct you as to where and when to unload it/them.  It can be impossible to distance ourselves from you when working on your animals, so please bring a mask with you if you have one, or let us know is you need us to provide you with one.

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