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Monday to Friday: 8am-5pm. Saturday: 9am-1pm.

The Cremona Veterinary Clinic is a mixed animal facility that primarily focuses on preventative care, medical care, dentistry, obstetrical care, and surgical care of dogs, cats, horses and beef cattle. We also work with sheep, goats, camelids (llamas and alpacas), and backyard/small flocks of poultry. Unfortunately we do not treat rabbits, pet birds, pigs, domestic game animals, pocket pets (gerbils/hamsters, etc), reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, or exotic or wild animals.

We want to provide you with the best care possible for your animals, and want you to feel confident that we will treat your livestock and pets exactly as we would treat them if they were our own.

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There have been some exciting changes recently at the clinic that we’d like to share with you, our beloved and loyal clients!As many of you know, the clinic owner, Dr. Heather Van Esch has been working toward her Master’s degree in Veterinary Medical Sciences at the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCVM) over the past 2 years. We are so proud to announce that she has now completed her degree, and we are also very excited and proud to tell you that she has recently accepted an amazing position as a disease surveillance veterinarian with the Alberta Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (located in Airdrie). While Dr. Van Esch remains the owner of the Cremona Veterinary Clinic, this will of course be a big change for all of us, and we want you to know that both she and our entire team have been working very hard to ensure that the clinic will continue to provide exceptional veterinary services to our local area. In fact, we have big plans to expand upon what we have been able to offer over the last few years! Dr. Van Esch and our RVT, Meaghan have searched for just the right person to take the reins as the primary care veterinarian at the clinic, and we would like to ask you to join us in extending a very warm welcome to someone we think will be perfect for this community, Dr. Carmen Klinkosz. Dr. Klinkosz grew up on a farm in northern British Columbia and worked as a veterinary technician prior to her acceptance into the University of Glasgow's School of Veterinary Medicine in Scotland. Since graduating with her veterinary degree in 2015, she worked in a variety of small animal general practices in England, and then after arriving here in Alberta over 4 years ago, has worked in both small animal and mixed animal (mainly equine) general practices. Her professional interests include small animal general and internal medicine, general surgery, ultrasonography, radiography, and small animal emergency medicine. Dr. Klinkosz also really enjoys horses and looks forward to further developing her skills in equine medicine now that she is here. When not busy with her professional activities, she enjoys horseback riding, camping, or hiking with her dog, Keira. Her other pets include two twin cats, Sophie and Samantha, and multiple horses. We feel that Dr. Klinkosz shares our values with respect to getting to know her clientele, having open and clear communication, building trusting relationships, and wanting to serve and be a part of a small rural community such as ours. She brings with her an enthusiastic attitude and many years of excellent experience, and our entire team here at the Cremona Veterinary Clinic looks forward to being able to provide an enhanced level of care and services to our existing clientele as well as any new clients that may be looking to establish a long-lasting relationship with a skilled local veterinarian. ...
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Keep an eye out for these two ! ...
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