Small and Large Animal Veterinary Clinic

Business hours:
Monday to Friday: 8am-5pm. Saturday: 9am-1pm.

The Cremona Veterinary Clinic is a mixed animal facility that primarily focuses on preventative care, medical care, dentistry, obstetrical care, and surgical care of dogs, cats, horses and beef cattle. We also work with sheep, goats, camelids (llamas and alpacas), and backyard/small flocks of poultry. Unfortunately we do not treat rabbits, pet birds, pigs, domestic game animals, pocket pets (gerbils/hamsters, etc), reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, or exotic or wild animals.

We want to provide you with the best care possible for your animals, and want you to feel confident that we will treat your livestock and pets exactly as we would treat them if they were our own.

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UPDATE . THE POWER OF FACEBOOK HAS PROVEN ITSELF AGAIN ! RYCO HAS BEEN REUNITED WITH HIS OWNERS Dog found on RR 5.2 near the fallen timber area north of water valley . No collar , no ID , neutered male , friendly. Smells like horses , so likely a farm dog . The people who found him knocked on doors around the area and waited around to see if anyone came looking . Dog is safe with someone tonight ! Let us know if you know who he belongs to !!!! Call the clinic or message us on Facebook ! ...
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It's time for another fun contest! This one is all about your pet's dental health!Did you know that 80% of dogs and cats over the age of 3 have active dental disease???It is very important to start trying to address dental disease as soon as it is noted by your veterinarian to prevent it from progressing to a point where the pet needs extensive dental work and is in constant pain. As a general rule, we recommend that all pets receive dental cleanings and examinations once a year! Routine cleaning, dental radiographs and examinations help to keep our pets teeth clean and free of dental disease!There are many things that you can do to help keep your pet's teeth healthy between cleanings.1. Brush your pet's teeth every day!2. Provide your pet with veterinary approved dental chews!3. Use veterinary approved water additives to help keep the plaque and bacteria to a minimum!4. Feed a dental food to your pet either as a full time food or as treats. The kibbles are formulated to help mechanically clean the teeth and provide enzymes to keep bacteria and plaque to a minimum. Now for the contest! Pick up in person, screen shot and print, or request by email a copy of the "OUR PETS NEED DENTAL CARE TOO!" picture for your kids to color! We will be accepting and posting your child's amazing artwork on our Facebook page and will be drawing the winning picture on February 16, 2021 after the Family Day long weekend! One coloring page entry per child! You could win a special prize for your child and your pet! Get your entries in now! ...
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Is this your kitty ???? It’s been hanging around A mile East of Hwy 22 and just south of the Blind Line Road for about a month now .... they’ve just been able to catch it !!!! Unsure of gender at the moment ! ...
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