Small and Large Animal Veterinary Clinic

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Monday to Friday: 8am-5pm. Saturday: 9am-1pm.

The Cremona Veterinary Clinic is a mixed animal facility that primarily focuses on preventative care, medical care, dentistry, obstetrical care, and surgical care of dogs, cats, horses and beef cattle. We also work with sheep, goats, camelids (llamas and alpacas), and backyard/small flocks of poultry. Unfortunately we do not treat rabbits, pet birds, pigs, domestic game animals, pocket pets (gerbils/hamsters, etc), reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, or exotic or wild animals.

We want to provide you with the best care possible for your animals, and want you to feel confident that we will treat your livestock and pets exactly as we would treat them if they were our own.

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It’s that beautiful time of year when everyone is itching to get out with their dogs and go walking and hiking. We always pack water for ourselves , when we hit the trails but we also need to remember to pack extra for our dogs . A lot of people rely on the streams , creeks and other natural water sources for their pets to drink from, however we have to remember that there can be dangers lurking in the water. This is particularly worrisome with stagnant or still water sources such as back water flow , puddles and lakes . There are a lot more of these stagnant water sources after large amounts of rain. Things like blue green algae, certain bacteria, giardia ( beaver fever ), parasites etc. These things can cause a multitude of issues including vomiting and diarrhea, weakness and even seizures in some cases. It can also cause skin issues for pets with sensitive skin, and ear infections in dogs if they are swimming or wading into these waters. So remember to pack some extra H20 for you AND your pooch and try to keep your dogs from drinking out of these types of water sources to avoid any potential issues ! ( photo credit REI.COM ) ...
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Happy Friday everyone ! The weather is supposed to be lovely all weekend. Hope you can all get out and enjoy it . Remember that we are open once again on Saturdays from 9 am until 1 pm . Give us a call if you’d like to bring your pet in to see Dr. Karen 😊 Our lovely receptionist Rachel would be happy to help you make an appointment. ...
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We would like to take a moment today to welcome Dr. Karen Liljebjelke to our team! She is a graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. She has 11 years of small animal practice experience and has had cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, freshwater fish, invertebrates, rodents and rabbits as pets over the years ! She is happy to see your cats and dogs as well as your small furries and even the scaley ones ! We are so happy to have her here and would love for you all to get to know her as well. Give us a call if Saturdays work better for your schedule and we can get you and your pet in with Dr. Karen 😊 ...
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