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After Hours Information

After Hours Emergencies

Because we have a very small clinic staff that already work full-time at the clinic during each day, and due to the increasing demand for high-level emergency care, that often requires a team approach with specialized knowledge and equipment, we regret that we are no longer able to provide regular after-hours emergency care at our facility.

We recommend the following emergency facilities to our clients that need service outside of our regular hours:

Small Animal Emergencies:

The CARE Center (Calgary): 403.520.8387
The Western Veterinary Specialist Center (Calgary): 403.770.1340
Animal Emergency Hospital (Red Deer): 403.347.3277

Equine Emergencies:

Burwash Equine Services (Cochrane): 403.242.1913
Moore Equine Veterinary Center (Balzac): 403.226.2585

Other large animal emergencies will need to seek care at the clinic of your choice in the surrounding towns such as Sundre, Didsbury, Carstairs or Cochrane.

We regret that we are physically unable to meet the needs of our clients with respect to after-hours urgent and emergent care. We are confident that these are the highest quality care options available for our valued patients when facing critical/emergency situations such as trauma/injury/wounds, obstetrical difficulties, colics, and severe illnesses that may require urgent medical treatment, sedation/anesthesia, surgery, patient stabilization and/or overnight hospitalization. We are very lucky to have such excellent emergency care available within an hour’s drive of our clinic.