Dr. Karen Lijebjelke


Dr. Karen Lijebjelke
Dr. Karen Lijebjelke Veterinarian

Dr. Liljebjelke grew up in New York state and graduated from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. She completed her Degree in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia in 2000, and then worked in a variety small animal clinics. She completed a PhD at the University of Georgia, conducting research on diseases of commercial poultry production. Prior to immigrating to Canada, she worked for the United States Department of Agriculture researching food-borne diseases associated with poultry products. Her professional interests include poultry production, poultry diseases, exotic medicine and food safety.

Dr. Liljebjelke has kept snakes and other reptiles for decades, and currently has a 24-year-old King snake and a 30+ year-old Milk snake both of which she has had since they were hatchlings. She has also had a variety of pets including birds, chinchillas, fish, invertebrates, and rabbits. Dr. Liljebjelke has a particular fondness for cats, and was an associate veterinarian at a cats-only clinic in Georgia. She has had the pleasure of owning many cats throughout lifetime and currently has three spoiled cats at home, including an exotic breed Cornish Rex named Dobby.

We welcomed Dr. Liljebjelke to our team in May 2021 and we feel that she shares our values with respect to getting to know her clientele, having transparent and clear communication and enjoying serving a rural community and local small farms. Dr. Liljebjelke looks forward to meeting new clients that are looking for an experienced local veterinarian as well as clients that are looking for an experienced poultry veterinarian.