Nutrition Counselling for Pets

Helping you choose the best foods for your pet's dietary needs.

Most people are beginning to be mindful of the foods they eat and how it affects their overall health. This same principle should be applied to your furry friends. As their guardian they trust the food you provide will give them the right amount of nutrients they need to grow and maintain their health. With nutrition counselling, you become informed of what foods are healthy for your pet and how to ensure their foods meet their nutritional needs.

Why is nutrition counselling important?

Nutrition counselling is important as it creates an opportunity for your veterinarian to examine your pet’s diet. Nutrition counselling keeps you and your veterinarian on the same page with your pet’s health. With every appointment our team will consider your pet’s weight, age, health issues and breed before recommending a special diet. We may recommend that certain foods be reduced or completely removed from their diet and introduce special supplements. By meeting your pet’s dietary needs, you may very well extend their lives.

What types of food should my pet avoid?

If your pet is allergic to certain foods it is definitely recommended you avoid feeding it to them. There are some foods that are generally unsafe for pets, here are a few:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Grapes and raisins
  3. Coffee
  4. Avocados
  5. Garlic and onions
  6. Alcohol
  7. Milk or dairy products

If you would like to introduce new foods to your pet and they are not in the list above, be sure to ask a veterinarian. Our veterinarians can help you determine which human foods are safe for your pet. Give us a call at 403-637-9328.

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