Orthopedic Services

Supporting the health of your pet’s joints, ligaments, and bones.

A huge portion of your loyal companion’s life is spent on their feet and this makes their joints and bones ache as they get old. Because they are in constant movement, it is normal for them to experience orthopedic problems. Even if your pet is experiencing bone and joint pains they can still live a relatively normal life. The key to doing this is to have your pet assessed by one of our veterinarians if you notice changes in their movement.

What causes orthopedic issues in pets?

Orthopedic issues in your furry friend may arise from various reasons. Orthopedic issues are caused by:

  • Age – senior pets often suffer from arthritis as well as bone or joint injuries
  • Genetics – some pets are born with a pre-existing condition
  • Untreated injuries

What are common orthopedic problems in pets?

  1. Osteoarthritis – cartilage between joints becomes worn out which results in inflammation
  2. Fractures – caused by injuries (creates pain and swelling)
  3. Elbow dysplasia – an abnormality of the joint
  4. Hip dysplasia – dogs are born with this condition and feline pets can develop the condition

How are orthopedic problems treated in pets?

The treatment we recommend for orthopedic issues is dependent on the severity of the condition. We may recommend medication, surgery or some therapeutic treatments. Our clinic offers pain medication and surgery to remedy your pet’s condition. To discuss treatment for your pet’s orthopedic problems, call us at 403-637-3928.

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