Bloodwork Services for Pets

From time to time your pets may need to come in to get their bloodwork done. At our practice, we recommend each patient has their blood tested at least once every year. Bloodwork isn’t only done for sick pets, healthy ones may benefit from routine testing too. Furthermore, we have a full diagnostic laboratory that allows us to perform urinalysis and other diagnostics.

My pet is healthy, why do they need bloodwork done?

As mentioned earlier even healthy pets benefit from having their bloodwork done. It is also important to note that even though your furry friend looks healthy it’s almost impossible to determine what’s going on inside their bodies through physical examinations. Some underlying conditions don’t show symptoms in the early stages and may be identified through abnormalities in the blood. Other reasons why your pet may need bloodwork done are:

  • Your pet is senior. Senior pets need routine bloodwork because their age makes them vulnerable to illnesses. By testing them regularly we catch diseases in the early stage where they are easily treated or managed.
  • To determine if surgery is right for your pet. Before every procedure, we check your pet’s blood to ensure levels are normal and their organs are functioning properly. With this knowledge, we can determine how much anesthesia is safe for your pet.
  • To determine your pet’s normal health. Your pet’s baseline health is important as our veterinarians can compare any changes in the future.

    To schedule your pet’s blood testing give us a call at 403.637.3928.

    How can I prepare my pet for bloodwork?

    The process of taking blood samples from your pet is very similar to drawing blood in humans. They will only feel a small pinch as the needle enters their body and we work gently to make sure they feel as little pain as possible. We may require that your pet fast prior to having their bloodwork done. Sometimes bloodwork is done in conjunction with urine or fecal analysis, in this case our veterinarians will provide special instructions prior to your visit.

  • Last updated: November 19, 2021

    We would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to all our clients that have been so patient with us during the current pandemic situation. We are happy to announce that we are open again!

    We are kindly asking that our clients still wear a mask when they are in the building to protect themselves and our staff. Our waiting room will be limited to one client at a time. All our staff will also still be wearing their masks and taking care to wipe down frequently touched surfaces and sanitize in between clients and patients as we have always done.

    If you are uncomfortable entering the clinic, please do not hesitate to call and we are happy to serve you and your pet curbside. As always cats must be in carriers, and dogs must be on a leash for safety and liability reasons.

    We know that these have been trying times for everyone, but rest assured your pet is still receiving the highest quality of care that you have always known from our veterinarians and staff members.

    If there are any concerns or special circumstances, please feel free to discuss this with our staff and we can take it into consideration.

    - Your dedicated team at Cremona Veterinary Clinic