Weight Management for Pets

Weight management is important as it helps get your pet to an ideal weight which improves their quality of life. Many owners are unaware their pets are overweight as it is difficult to tell from just looking. In North America, more than 30% of pets are obese. Having a veterinarian examine your pet’s weight while considering their age, breed, lifestyle and other factors gives us the chance to make life-altering recommendations. Your pet’s weight can have serious effects on how their bodies perform. During weight management we create a plan, with your help, that is ideal for your individual pet.

How does obesity affect my pet?

An overweight pet is more susceptible to illnesses due to the internal organs working overtime to function or in some cases barely functioning. Unfortunately, this means that obesity shortens your pet’s life. Stress on the body’s tissues and organs can cause obese pets to suffer from:

1. Diabetes
2. Osteoarthritis
3. Heart Disease
4. Cancer
5. High Blood Pressure
6. Urinary Bladder Stones

If you’re concerned about your pet’s weight, call us at 403.637.3928 to schedule an appointment.

How can I help manage my pet’s weight?

An important part of weight management is to remember that any changes you make for your pet should become their lifestyle. The responsibility is on you to ensure your furry friend adjusts well to their new practices. As their guardian, it is imperative you follow our veterinarian’s recommendations and not give in to the pleading eyes that soften your heart. Some adjustments we may recommend are:

  • Exercise. Encourage your furry friend to play games, go for more frequent walks or anything that makes them active.
  • Change their portion sizes. We will advise you on how much food your pet needs. When you give pets huge portions they eat more than what they really need.
  • Schedule their meal times. This ties into not overfeeding your pet, if the food is out they will eat it even if they aren’t hungry.
  • Limit their unhealthy treats.

  • Last updated: November 19, 2021

    We would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to all our clients that have been so patient with us during the current pandemic situation. We are happy to announce that we are open again!

    We are kindly asking that our clients still wear a mask when they are in the building to protect themselves and our staff. Our waiting room will be limited to one client at a time. All our staff will also still be wearing their masks and taking care to wipe down frequently touched surfaces and sanitize in between clients and patients as we have always done.

    If you are uncomfortable entering the clinic, please do not hesitate to call and we are happy to serve you and your pet curbside. As always cats must be in carriers, and dogs must be on a leash for safety and liability reasons.

    We know that these have been trying times for everyone, but rest assured your pet is still receiving the highest quality of care that you have always known from our veterinarians and staff members.

    If there are any concerns or special circumstances, please feel free to discuss this with our staff and we can take it into consideration.

    - Your dedicated team at Cremona Veterinary Clinic