Our Clinic/Facility:

The Cremona Veterinary Clinic is a mixed animal facility that primarily focuses on preventative care, medical care, dentistry, obstetrical care, and surgical care of dogs, cats, horses and beef cattle. We also work with sheep, goats, camelids (llamas and alpacas), and backyard/small flocks of poultry.

Unfortunately we do not treat rabbits, pet birds, pigs, domestic game animals, pocket pets (gerbils/hamsters, etc), reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, or exotic or wild animals. The reason for this is that we work very hard to keep our knowledge current, and we’re sure you can imagine that having more than ten species to keep up with is quite difficult for our veterinarians!

We want to provide you with the best care possible for your animals, and want you to feel confident that we will treat your livestock and pets exactly as we would treat them if they were our own.

Our clinic is located on a small, pretty acreage about a mile outside of the Village of Cremona. It has a spacious and bright reception/retail area, two small animal examination rooms (one doubles as an x-ray room), a lab, some office space, a small animal treatment room, a pharmacy, a surgery suite, cattle loading chutes, a cattle tilt-table, a maternity/surgery chute, an indoor equine treatment/dentistry area, and a calf scour ward. We have the ability to hospitalize certain small animal cases overnight, but we do not board pets, or keep any livestock overnight on the premises.

Directions and a map to our clinic can be found by clicking on “directions/map”. We are licensed and governed by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA), and as such must adhere to strict practice inspection guidelines and medical and ethical standards. Our veterinarians are licensed through the ABVMA as well as the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA). They also hold a variety of memberships in a number of different veterinary associations. We employ Registered Veterinary Technologists, who have been trained at accredited colleges, and who hold memberships with the Alberta Veterinary Technician Association (ABVTA).

Do you make house calls?

We primarily work in the clinic facility for small animal appointments, although we are able to do small animal house calls as well. Additional charges apply to house calls, as there is travel time/mileage involved. We encourage you to bring your animals to the clinic whenever possible (rather than having us come to you) as we have more equipment/facilities (we have a weigh-scale, and bright examination areas), and access to well trained and helpful staff here that we are sometimes unable to bring to your location. We often find that upon examination of your pet at your home, we must still recommend that you bring them in to the clinic if more extensive procedures such as x-rays or lab work are needed. We have also found that most pets are actually easier to handle in a clinic setting than on their own “home-turf”!

Large animals can be seen in the clinic, or on your farm. We offer a wide range of ambulatory services, and can perform most of the same medical, surgical and obstetrical procedures on your farm as we can in the clinic. It is often easier for you and your livestock to remain on your farm and let us come to you. In contrast to small animals, livestock are generally a lot easier to work with when they are in familiar surroundings. When booking your appointment, please let us know what kind of facilities you have, and we can determine if the procedure should be done in-clinic or if it can be done on-farm. It is imperative that you have your animal caught/restrained prior to the veterinarian arriving. The safety of our veterinarians is a top priority, so please maintain your chutes and equipment in such a way as to ensure that our vets can go safely on to the next appointment after you!


Our veterinarians are available by appointment only. Walk-ins may be accepted depending on availability, but our first priority is to those that have made appointments or those that have a veterinary emergency. We strive to make our waiting area a calm and orderly place for our clients and their pets, and don’t wish to leave anyone waiting for more than a few minutes. When you call us for an appointment, we will do our best to find a suitable time-slot for you, where we can give you our full, undivided attention without rushing or trying to “fit you in”. In the case of an emergency, it is still best to call us to let us know you are coming, as we can then prepare for your arrival and rearrange our other appointments accordingly.

After Hours Emergencies

Due to the fact that we have a very small clinic staff that already work full-time (and then some!) at the clinic during each day, and due to the increasing demand for high-level emergency care that often requires a team approach with specialized knowledge and equipment, we regret that we are no longer able to provide regular after-hours emergency care at our facility. 

We recommend the following emergency facilities to our clients that need service outside of our regular hours:

Small animal emergencies:

The CARE Center (Calgary): 403-520-8387
The Western Veterinary Specialist Center (Calgary): 403-770-1340
Animal Emergency Hospital (Red Deer): 403-347-3277

Equine emergencies

Burwash Equine Services (Cochrane): 403-242-1913
Moore Equine Veterinary Center (Balzac): 403-226-2585

Other large animal emergencies will need to seek care at the clinic of your choice in the surrounding towns such as Sundre, Didsbury, Carstairs or Cochrane. 

We regret that we are physically unable to meet the needs of our clients with respect to after-hours urgent and emergent care, but are confident that these are the highest quality care options available for our valued patients when facing critical/emergency situations such as trauma/injury/wounds, obstetrical difficulties, colics, and severe illnesses that may require urgent medical treatment, sedation/anesthesia, surgery, patient stabilization and/or overnight hospitalization.  We are very lucky to have such excellent emergency care available within an hour’s drive of our clinic.

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